Why is green cleaning important?

Every cleaning business has some kind of environmental effect. A cleaning business is no different. Synthetic chemicals, water use, paper and plastic waste—it all goes back into the environment.

Green cleaning is a way to change that. It’s more than just a service offering. It’s a belief that our cleaning business should actively help the environment, or at least reduce the harm you might cause.


Why use green cleaning products?

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), synthetic cleaning products and detergents can contain harmful ingredients, including volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

During cleaning, VOCs are released as gas and become part of the air you breathe. This can cause a wide range of mild health problems that become much worse

Green cleaning, on the other hand, uses natural cleaning products and non-synthetic chemicals. These don’t affect air quality and aren’t harmful to flush or wash down the sink.

By using green cleaning supplies, we are protecting your family, our cleaning professionals and everyone around you.

The products we use do less harm when they’re thrown out, recycled, or flushed down the drain. We use products that are considered eco-friendly and friendly to the planet